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Design Advantages

Design Advantages of the AnywherEnergy© System

Fuel Interoperability, Water Neutrality, and Compactness

TMI’s platform technology, the heart of the AnywherEnergy© system, is distinguished from all other fuel cell systems by its inter-operability among a wide range of ordinary, untreated, gas and liquid fuels, including those containing sulfur and other impurities, water neutrality and its compactness.

The graphic below shows the key components of the platform. 

  The AE basic system can use virtually any hydrogen-rich fuel, with no hardware modifications or adjustments to the basic system required. These fuels range from gases such as natural gas, propane or biogas (methane) to diesel, ethanol, JP-8, kerosene and vegetable oil (e.g., from soybeans, jatropha, croton nut oil, and used cooking oil),   The AE fuel reformer can process different fuels and the fuel cell stack can tolerate “dirty hydrogen” in mixtures that include impurities.  In other fuel cell systems, these impurities, if not removed, can foul the system and cause catastrophic failure.

Also, unlike many other fuel cell systems using steam reforming, the AE system requires no external source of make-up water. This feature can be extremely important when operating in locations where water is not available or where clean water is precious.

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