Power for Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere
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Our Vision Is To:
  • Enable energy independence anywhere in the world 
  • Market kilowatt scale systems which generate clean electricity and heat
  • Empower individual users with high value energy solutions which
    • Are easy to use and maintain
    • Use ordinary, indigenous fuels without pretreatment
    • Consume less fuel, emit less carbon and do not pollute
  • Sustain the environment for generations to come

The AnywherEnergy
© S
ystem is  the 
Solution to Many Energy Needs
Quiet, Clean, Continuous Power
High Efficiency Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Technology produces power 24/7/365 and is quiet and clean enough to run indoors.

The size of a 2-drawer file cabinet, the system can be placed at the the point where power is needed and is easily maintained by one person.

Low Cost Design
Appliance-like simplicity leads to lower costs and the use of existing workforce and factories to restore jobs and preserve capital.

Operates on multiple fuels including natural gas, propane, military JP-8, diesel and biofuels like biodiesel or vegetable oils.

Modularity allows systems to be added for more power, (or removed for less) with higher reliability through redundan

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